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Essential Elements for warming up on the trumpet: mouthpiece buzzing

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Whenever I take on a new intermediate/advanced student, I am bewildered as to how they have managed to come this far on their journey without a consistent warmup routine. I am here to tell you that ALL (successful) professional musicians have a consistent warmup routine. It is a non-negotiable element of your development. I have recently begun developing content for my Soundslice channel which will have some pedagogical examples to assist in your development. Mouthpiece buzzing and matching pitch is essential for you embouchure development and air control. I have posted an example of me buzzing while matching the pitch, and provided a play-a-long for you as well. Shoot me an email from my website, and I will provide some supplementary materials for you.

Click here for a link to my Soundslice channel

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